Catherine Paiz from the ACE Family
Courtesy of Catherine Paiz/instagram

If you keep up with the ACE Family, then you know they’re all about … well, their family, especially Catherine Paiz.

Meet Her Hubby and Kids

The 29-year-old, who’s married to Austin McBroom, has three children — daughters Elle and Alaïa, and a newborn son whose name they have yet to reveal.

Austin and Catherine began dating in 2015. The following year, they welcomed their first bundle of joy — Elle. Then, a few months later, they created their YouTube channel. Catherine and Austin have shared many special moments since welcoming Elle, including an engagement and secret wedding in 2017. In October 2018, they welcomed their second daughter. Their family became complete when baby No. 3 arrived in June 2020.

Fans have seen Elle and Alaïa grow up on the channel, and soon, they will get to experience the same with the newest addition to the fam. Catherine gave birth to her son on June 20. She and Austin uploaded a video of her going into labor on June 21, which means it won’t be long until we learn more about their baby boy.

In addition to her children and husband, Catherine has more relatives she’s close to, including two younger siblings, her mom and her dad.

Meet Her Siblings

Out of the bunch, you’re probably most familiar with her younger brother Ryan Johnston, who’s been featured on the ACE Family’s YouTube channel several times. Catherine has always been close to her 27-year-old bro, and over the years, he and Austin, 28, have developed a close bond. Like his older sister, Ryan has his own YouTube channel called Through Ryan’s Eyes, which he first created to show off his art. However, these days, his channel is more family-oriented. He has a girlfriend named Leslie Hernandez, whom he shares daughter Bellamy with. The couple are currently expecting baby No. 2.

Catherine Paiz and Brother Ryan Johnston
Courtesy of Ryan Johnston/Instagram

In addition to Ryan, Catherine has another younger brother named Josh and a younger sister named Valentina.

Meet Her Parents

Catherine is close to her parents, who are of Panamanian descent. In fact, both of them have made a few appearances in her videos. Her parents, who are divorced, live on opposite sides of the world. Her mom lives in Florida, while her dad resides in Spain.