Perhaps you’ve heard of Jamie Otis — but just how well do you know her? Life & Style is here to tell you everything you need to know about the reality TV sweetheart!

Who is Jamie Otis?

Jamie stepped into the spotlight during Season 16 of ABC’s The Bachelor and wound up finding love in another series — on the second season of Lifetime’s Married at First Sight with Doug Hehner. Today, the couple is still going strong, though she admitted that some ~things~ in their relationship changed after she gave birth to their daughter, Henley Grace, back in August.

As she dished on recovering post-pregnancy and delivery, Jamie exclusively told Life & Style, “The only thing that’s not better is my sex life. It sucks, but that’s the window after you have a baby. I hope [it gets better] because it’s been awhile but it’s legitimately painful. So painful. I don’t know if that happens to everybody, but — it’s just all these surprising things pop up after you have a baby and I just did not anticipate that.”

Who is Jamie Otis married to?

Jamie tied the knot with fellow Married at First Sight star Doug Hehner in 2014 — and today, he can call himself both a doting husband AND father. She gushed, “Doug is loving fatherhood! He works every single morning, so I let him sleep at night, and I’m exclusively breastfeeding so there’s not a lot he can do at night. So he gets to sleep at night. It’s going good for him. He’s doing great, though. He’s such an amazing father, he really is. He loves just getting on the floor and playing with her, rubbing her eyes and cooing to her. He’s an amazing father, he really is.”

How many kids does Jamie Otis have?

Jamie and Doug welcomed their baby girl earlier this year — though unfortunately, the couple miscarried while she was pregnant with their first child, a boy named Johnathan Edward. The reality star bravely opened up about her miscarriage and explained, “I had a huge reality check with my pregnancy with Jonathan, because I’m a nurse and I work in this field and I felt like, immune to it all. I was in my second trimester and it doesn’t typically happen then, but it can. I think I was just in utter shock and disbelief and I felt very, very alone because nobody talks about it. I felt very isolated and alone, in this deep, dark hole — and then when I started blogging about it, and all of these women reached out, and some of them had never even shared their loss with a soul. Not one person or only their husband knew.”

“Obviously, the loss of a child — no one wants to talk about that, and that’s because it’s so incredibly uncomfortable,” Jamie continued. “What do you say? What can anyone say to comfort you? It’s usually not a lot, but if you sit there in your dark hole and we don’t talk about it, that doesn’t help anybody. Other women who are going through it also sit in their dark holes and instead of just sitting alone in your dark hole, to try to reach out and chat about it with someone who is going through similar experiences. Not only are you helping yourself, you’re helping the other person. You really are.”

Is Jamie Otis coming back to TV?

Jamie and Doug will return to Lifetime with a Married at First Sight spin-off called Married at Fight Sight: Jamie and Doug Plus One, which premieres on Tuesday, Dec. 19 at 8 p.m. EST. “We just had the baby, and I have really always wanted to document my birth and we are doing that on the show,” she shared. “We have a special that airs Dec. 19, and it really is like, kind of the end of our pregnancy and we’re in the labor room, and it’s the very first time I ever hold my daughter. I guess it kind of just documents the struggle of being a new parent. You never know how hard it is until you actually become one.”

“Truth be told, the camera is just rolling. They literally just followed us around and I have no idea what they’re going to air,” she added. “Our show is basically an awful lot about how we have learned to cope with the loss of our firstborn son. It’s more difficult than you would think to try to juggle honoring and respecting the loss of your son and show the same amount of love to my daughter. I hate to say this like this, but I don’t want her to be overshadowed by that loss, but it’s a very confusing thing. I look at her and I wonder what he would have looked like, and I wish that he was with us and I realize that if he was with us then I wouldn’t have her. I just try to be positive. Obviously, I love my daughter mentally, but I can’t help but wonder what he would have been like. He’d be a year [old] in December, so I just can’t help but think about what he would be like and that kind of stuff. I think it navigates through all of that.”

She concluded with, “I don’t know if I feel insensitive to him or to her for different reasons, then I feel like a bad person, like a bad mom, especially if I mourn over him because I should be so happy I have her and I am, but in any case — to know other women kind of go through the same thing, it’s like, ‘Okay. So I’m not a bad mom. I’m not a bad person.’ I can’t do anything about it. If I could just get over it then I would, but I can’t. I don’t know how to.”