So, now that Abby Lee Miller is in jail — and not doing too hot behind bars we hear — fans want to know: who is taking over Dance Moms? It was announced earlier this year that Dancing With the Stars alum Cheryl Burke would step in as lead choreographer, but we’re now two episodes in to Season 7B, and have yet to see the reality TV pro or even heard her name mentioned. So, what’s the deal?

Though viewers aren’t sure when Cheryl will grace us with her presence, the Abby Lee Dance Company did get a new leader during the Aug. 15 premiere in the form of A-list choreographer Laurieann Gibson, who’s worked with stars such as Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, and Beyoncé. How do we know this? Well, she only mentioned it five billion times.

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Laurieann Gibson.

And based on the Episode 3 sneak peek, it looks like Laurieann will be joining the girls for another week. Though Lifetime is making us wait to see Cheryl in action, based on her interviews over the past few months, the ballroom dancing pro is taking a very different approach than Abby when it comes to her students.

“I don’t scream or yell — I don’t believe in that,” the 33-year-old said on The Steve Harvey Show back in June. “But don’t get me wrong, I’m still — from people that have seen me on Dancing with the Stars — I am still strict, I’m stern and I expect the best out of my students. But I do it in a way that’s loving and it’s caring, and I try not to intimidate them or traumatize the kids.”

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This week also showed fan favorite Chloe Lukasiak, who left the show after Season 4, compete with a different dance company. But we’re hoping the 16-year-old will rejoin her original team once Cheryl takes the reins!