Our girl Gina Rodriguez is back with Season 4 of Jane the Virgin — and our Fridays night just got so much better. The show kicked off with Jane living with the broke and homeless Rafael, who Jane was about to confess her love for on the finale.

However, fans will remember her first love Adam, played by Tyler Posey, showed up and ruined her plans thanks to a letter from her late husband Michael. It seems Jane (and viewers) are still dealing with Michael's unexpected death. So why did they kill Michael on Jane the Virgin?

After suffering a gunshot wound in Season 2 finale, Michael, who was played by Brett Dier, seemed to be making a comeback. However, fans were blindsided when the character died from an aortic dissection from his wound — just as he was planning a wedding and possibly starting a family with Jane. We're still not over it.

As for Gina, she was just as emotional following the sad episode. "You are my partner in artistic crime. We did two plus seasons together and I will never have the words to express how you changed my life. Thank you," she captioned a photo with her co-star on Instagram. So really, why did Michael have to die?

According to showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman, his death was inevitable "It was always just part of the larger arc. I see the show as one whole long story, and this is always what would happen around the midpoint," she told the Hollywood Reporter. "So much of the show is about how Jane has all of these hopes and dreams and romantic ideals and how life changes and challenges her. So this was just one of the big events that we had to build to for a while."

There is hope for fans hoping to see Michael again. "Definitely, definitely bringing Brett back," she added when asked about flashbacks in future seasons. "And there will be things that you hadn't seen before, and there will be things that you have. The tricky balance is when to bring him back, because you don't want to bring him back too soon so that the audience doesn’t feel the loss of him, because that needs to settle and feel real. But you feel him throughout."

So while we will have to wait and see if Michael makes a return this season, we do know that we will be seeing a lot of Rafael shirtless! Be sure to tune into Jane the Virgin Friday nights at 9 p.m. on the CW!