Season 7 of Total Divas just kicked off, but it didn't take long for fans to realize that something — rather, someone — is missing: TJ. We could always count on Tyson Kidd, aka Natalya Neidhart's husband, aka TJ, to provide comic relief during the show, what with his semi-annoyed reactions to the insanity that was often unfolding around him. But now, he's gone! Where did he go? Here's what we know.

Why is TJ not on Total Divas?

Last year, TJ suffered a pretty bad neck injury and, reportedly, the WWE wanted to keep the details of his injury, which was very serious, private — so they removed him from the show. When he was first pulled from future episodes, TJ tweeted about it, but never got into specifics. When a fan asked him if he was returning, he basically said "no" and left it at that.

Sources say that executives from WWE, which has TJ under contract, were worried he would talk about what happened during his NXT match with Samoa Joe. The WWE has been accused of treating the 37-year-old's neck issue with negligence and not handling it as well as they should have — something TJ hasn't denied.

Total Divas has undergone cast changes almost every season, so it's not unusual that TJ is no longer on the show. But the fact that his wife — and their cats — still appear does make his absence a little more suspect.

From the looks of things on Nattie's Instagram page and TJ's Twitter, the wrestling pro is doing just fine and enjoying life outside of reality TV. That said, we miss you, TJ!

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No, TJ and Natalya did not split.

Since TJ hasn't been seen on an episode of the show since last year, fans are worried that it meant TJ and Natalya were having trouble in their marriage. But they don't have anything to worry about because Nattie and TJ's relationship is still going strong, as evident on her Instagram page.