Koko, girl … you’ve got it all wrong. On Monday, March 18, Khloé Kardashian responded to a fan who said they “can’t wait” to see more of the KUWTK star, 34, and her daughter, True Thompson, on the upcoming season of the hit reality series. “She will definitely be on the show,” Khloé began. “But I try to not post her that much because I don’t want to bug the f–k out of you guys. I know most people don’t care about other people’s kids, but I can’t help it.”

*Pauses to scratch head.* Now, of course, we can’t speak on behalf of the general public, but we’d venture to say that no one on the planet has an issue with how much Koko posts pictures of her beautiful little girl. Thankfully, some of the proud mama’s loyal followers on Twitter agree with us.

Khloe Kardashian tweet

“We are so grateful that you let us see her and you posting pics and videos of her as she is growing older and we definitely will love love love to see little Miss True on KUWTK,” one user commented. See that, Koko? Not one love, but three! “What?! Please keep posting. I love True posts so much,” added another.

Yep, there’s another love. So, sorry, Khlo, you’re gonna have to keep posting pictures of True until, well, at the very least, her wedding day. We do, however, have one small request as far as posting is concerned. Please, for the love of all that is good and pure in this world, never share a snapshot of Tristan Thompson on social media ever again.

We know you’re trying to be civil for True’s sake, but the NBA baller, 27, doesn’t deserve an ounce of the clout that being on your Instagram brings.

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