This is so scary!

Pinup model Elly Mayday went to the doctor after experiencing pain in her lower back, and was told she needed to lose weight and tone up. But after several more visits to doctors – and constantly being told there was nothing seriously wrong with her – the 27-year-old found out she had stage 3 ovarian cancer.

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"​I felt really stupid for a really long time. Going into the [ER] and someone's just saying, 'What do you want us to do for you?'​" she told _ StyleLikeU​_.

Elly refused to think that her pain – which she says included lower back pain, bladder infections, lower abdomen pain, and pressure in her lower stomach​ – had to do solely with her weight, so she persistently sought out doctors (who many times gave her pain pills and sent her on her way.)

Eventually, a doctor did a CT scan on her and they discovered a cyst on her ovary. A few days later she was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer.

"[I thought] how dare you think that I'm not aware of my body enough to tell you that there's something wrong?" she said. "They didn't catch [my cancer], I did."

She underwent chemotherapy while continuing to model. "It hasn't been the easiest thing but I am trying to make cancer beautiful. I want to let you all know that you can get through anything and to never stop believing in yourself," she wrote on Facebook.