She’s sorry, y’all. Singer Zara Larsson took to Twitter to issue a lengthy apology to James Charles after calling him out for DMing her boyfriend on Instagram — one of the many claims against the YouTuber amid his feud with beauty guru Tati Westbrook.

“When I wrote my tweet saying you hit up my boyfriend, I never in a million years expected it to blow up the way it did. I feel extra bad considering the fact that I later on corrected myself and took down the tweet after my boyfriend talked to me and showed me the DM. It really wasn’t that bad,” she wrote in a long, now-deleted tweet/Instagram Story post on May 18.


“But obviously, since everybody loves some drama, no one really cared about me trying to explain how it really went down. Of course you’re allowed to flirt with people online, like I did, and to call someone beautiful in the comments is only nice! No harm done,” she continued. “I do think it’s disrespectful though to try it with someone who is taken and I must admit I have a hard time believing you didn’t know that we were in a relationship since he posts about me.”

She continued to analyze the situation and apply her own logic. “What seems to be the thing here is that my boyfriend wasn’t the only one and that’s why I don’t condone that behavior,” she wrote. “You have for example previously tweeted saying that straight men will be the death of you etc which is concerning considering the fact that they will never give consent, since they don’t play for team D.”


“There’s so many gorgeous, amazing, funny, [talented], charming and [charismatic] gay guys out there and yet you seem to love the straights. That’s why I think it’s problematic, just like it’s problematic when straight guys try to turn lesbians straight,” she compared the two situations. “Hopefully good things will come out of this cause I [believe] you have a good heart. I don’t know you personally but the only thing I know is that Brian and I have absolutely nothing against you. And I whole heartily believe that one of the reasons this got way out of proportion is homophobia and the fact that this [affected] straight men.”

The next day, the 21-year-old took to Instagram to share some insight as to why she deleted the tweets. “Actually regarding my previous post (now deleted), a gay man coming at a straight man is not the same thing as a straight man coming at a lesbian,” she wrote over selfies of herself on her Instagram Stories and on Twitter on May 19.


“It’s not uncommon for straight men to think that women in relationships with each other exists only because straight men think it’s ‘hot,’ and while doing so, they’re basically saying that their sexuality and attraction for other women is not a real thing,” she continued.

James responded to her apology with open arms. “Thank you @zaralarsson for addressing this,” he wrote on Twitter on May 19. “I really appreciate it, and I accept your apology!! All love from me and the sisters.”

It seems like the whole experience was a learning curve for the singer, but we’re glad she was able to have a moment of clarity.