Christina Milian Shares Photos of 4-Year-Old Daughter's Zoo-Themed Birthday Bash

Christina milian daughter

Christina Milian celebrates her daughter's fourth birthday.

Nils Erik

How will she ever top this?

In the new issue of Life & Style, Christina Milian exclusively shares photos from her 4-year-old daughter Violet’s zoo-themed birthday party!

“We had lots of kids there,” she tells Life & Style about the bash on March 9 at the LA Zoo.

The fun-filled day included activities that kids and their families could enjoy together, such as face painting, sno-cones, merry-go-round rides and even a private viewing of the animals!

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One of the most popular activities for the kids? “I had caricature (artists), drawing all the kids and families together,” Christina tells Life & Style. "It was really cute."

And when it came to dessert, Christina kept with the theme

Christina Milian and Daughter

“I got her cake from Porto’s bakery. It was just beautiful,” she said, adding the cake had details fit perfectly for the LA Zoo. “[The cake] had the zebras and the monkeys and everything.” In fact, Violet loved it so much, “she didn’t let anyone near it!”

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The singer-songwriter, who just released a new single, “Video Model,” says it was one of the first birthdays Violet would remember, so she wanted to make it a special one.

"I think at 4, she has more of a memory of everything," Christina tells Life & Style. "Violet’s a special kid. She’s just a really happy kid and she inspires me every day."

Check out all the pics of Violet's birthday Christina Milian shared with Life & Style in the new issue — on newsstands now.
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