Mackenzie Rosman is hardly the little girl we remember from 7th Heaven!

The stunning brunette — who played Ruthie Camden on the popular show — is now 25-years-old (time freakin’ flies, y’all). And she’s opening up about why she didn’t join her former castmates at their last reunion.

7th heaven ruthie then and now

Mackenzie in 2001 (left) and now in 2015 (right). (Photo Credit: Getty Images (2))

“I was so bummed to have missed the last dinner! They planned it and I had a trip to the East Coast planned and at the last minute it moved and I was on a flight 12 hours before that,” she told Us Weekly.’ “I was so bummed.”

From left: David Gallagher (Simon), Beverley Mitchell (Lucy), Stephen Collins (Rev. Eric), Jessica Biel (Mary), Barry Watson (Matt) and Catherine Hicks (Annie).

The dinner took place back in September 2014, just a few weeks before it was revealed that Stephen Collins had confessed to child abuse allegations.

And if you’re wondering if she’s met Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake‘s baby boy, Silas, yet, the answer is sadly no!

“I don’t really get to seem them all that often,” she said about the entire cast. “They all live in different parts of the country, actually.”

ruthie and mary 7th heaven

A young Mackenzie with Jessica Biel.

But hopefully, the group will reunite again in the future — with everyone in attendance.

According to Mackenzie, Beverly Mitchell (Lucy) is the one who keeps the group connected. “Bev is the one who is the really great organizer…,” she says.

On that note, come on Bev, let’s get the next reunion going — and be sure baby Silas is there!