There's no doubting the fact that Russian supermodel, Kristina Pimenova is a beautiful little girl. The only problem is, she's still years away from being a teenager — and men are constantly gawking at her "sexualized" Instagram pictures.

Kristina's mother, Glikeriya Shirokova, handles her social media accounts, which includes more than two million followers on Facebook. However, the mother has been criticized recently for her poor choices, including sharing photos of her nine-year-old daughter in tight, short shorts.

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"My child would never ever ever ever ever wear shorts this tight and small ever," one follower commented.

Inappropriate comments come flooding in each time Kristina's mother shares a photo online. One in particular showed off the model's legs, in which one commenter wrote, "sexy legs."

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Some users have described her overly sexual photos as "creepy" while others are just straight up angry.

"Parents like you are the reason why girls grow up to have many issues… also there are so many sick people out their that look at these in sexual ways."

Glikeriya claims to frequently monitor the social media accounts and has even created a list of "rules" for users to abide by.

"Any video or pictures posted here that are not appropriate for Kristina's age will be deleted and whoever posted it will be blocked," she said. "All the content shared on this page should be kid friendly."

Dubbed "the most beautiful girl in the world" at such a young age, Kristina's future in front of the camera is certainly a bright one. With big name brands like Vogue, Roberto Cavalli and Armani on her resume — her career is just getting started.

"She's been having a blast ever since and is still loving every minute of it," her mother said.