Nearly nine years after Pramodini Roul was attacked with acid, she's finally gotten her happily ever after. The India native was just 16 years old when she was doused with acid on April 18, 2009 after she rejected a marriage proposal from a paramilitary force jawan (junior soldier).

Pramodini spent five years in the care of her mother and two sisters at home, after having spent nine months in an intensive care unit. However, her life took a turn for the better in 2014 when she met her future fiancé, Saroj Kumar Sahu, while being treated in a hospital in Cuttack. "After three months of treatment, Babu [a pet name for Sahu] came with a nurse after she mentioned to him about my fight," she told the Hindustan Times. "I was down with depression with no movement. It was then that Saroj vowed to help me stand on my feet."

Pramodini suffered 80 percent burn injuries and complete vision loss in the attack. However, in July of last year, she underwent an operation that restored 20 percent of the vision in her left eye. Saroj, who initially took four months off work, has since left his job as a medical representative. Now, the duo work together to help other acid attack survivors through the Chhanv Foundation.

Their official engagement in Lucknow, northern India, actually took place 13 months after Sahu initially proposed. The ceremony involved a ring exchange and a celebratory dance. "I love dancing and used to dance before the attack on me," she told HT. "After the couple dance, I will do a solo on 'Chamma Chamma.' It will be a short dance as I can’t stand for too long."

But don't expect a wedding anytime soon. "First I want my elder and younger sisters to settle down in life. We have to establish a business platform in Orrisa so that we can support other survivors and help our foundation. There is lot to do."