Get ready to have your mind blown because Adam Ruins Everything is coming back for Season 2!

Adam Conover has made a career out of debunking what people think are hard facts. And the comedian, thankfully, isn't going anywhere. In fact, the second season of his show premieres July 11. Life & Style recently caught up with Adam to chat about what fans can expect from upcoming episodes, i.e. topics like childbirth.

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"I think the storyline we've given in the childbirth episode is really funny and weird and is going to be really shocking to people," Adam told Life & Style. "People put so much pressure on women to have a baby in a certain way or a certain timeframe. And a lot of the information used to promote that is not true."

But, what's even more surprising than the debunked facts is the demographic of the show. The program is clearly marketed to adults, but has found a strong following amongst kids — and Adam admitted that's one of his favorite parts of the job.

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"We didn’t intend for our show to be popular with kids — it’s on at 10 p.m. which is practically late night. It features very adult comedy and we never thought of ourselves as creating a kids show," he continued. "But, it turns out that kids love the show and they’ll come to comedy shows and say, ‘I look up to you because you make me want to learn more about the world. I like learning facts too.’ And that’s just so heartwarming and wonderful."

For Adam, the show is much more than an opportunity to make people laugh. It serves as a way to educate viewers and remind people what's really important in life.

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"A lot of people are very cynical and say, ‘People just want to watch the lowest common denominator. People want to watch reality shows and nonsense.' But it turns out that people really do genuinely love to learn," he explained. "They really do. Our show proves it. I often ask, ‘Hey what do you like best about the show?’ … People always say every single time, ‘I like the information the most. I like learning new things.’ To me, it reassures me that a love of learning is a real universal human quality."

Adam Ruins Everything Season 2 premieres on July 11 at 10 p.m. EST on truTV!