She’s one of the world’s biggest singing stars but Adele still loves a bargain! The 25-year-old used to enjoy searching out vintage clothes at street markets, and now that she’s rich and famous, she gets her stylist, Gaelle Paul, to do it for her.

“Adele loves vintage,” she says. So Gaelle goes to a London store owner who scours flea markets for clothes that the size 16 star would love – and they’re usually black.

“Adele always wants to wear black because she loves Johnny Cash and he wore black,” she reveals. “She also loves June Carter Cash, because she and Johnny were so much in love and they had this wonderful marriage. Sometimes she’ll look at herself in the mirror and say, ‘Oh, I look like her, Gaelle!’”

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But when it comes to red carpet events, the 25-year-old knows she needs to make a statement, and her go-to vintage finds won’t do, so Gaelle works with top designers to create one-of-a-kind dresses for the mom-of-one to choose from.

And once she’s chosen a gown, Gaelle reveals that the “Skyfall” singer has a secret weapon on the red carpet. “She always wears Spanx,” the LA stylist reveals. “Good underwear is really important, it smoothes you out.”

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And while the Spanx work wonders with lumps and bumps, Gaelle says Adele is comfortable and confident when it comes to her figure and isn’t desperately wishing she was a size 0.

“Adele really is OK with how she looks,” she says. “I don’t think she ever lacked confidence. She doesn’t have that insecurity that a lot of other people I dress have.”