Just because Alex Rodriguez was a professional athlete, doesn’t mean he holds a candle to his fiancé, Jennifer Lopez, when it comes to health and fitness. In fact, the “On The Floor” songstress, 50, left her man in the dust during the pair’s intense bike ride on Thursday, August 15. 

That said, the former New York Yankees shortstop, 44, was a pretty good sport about the whole thing. So much so, that he decided to film a hilarious video of the excursion for his fans on Instagram. “Notice I’m sweating, breathing hard and she’s cruising!!” A-Rod captioned the first clip — which, as it happens, was definitely NOT false advertising. Alex looked worse for the wear, while J. Lo’s skin was practically glowing as she peddled along.

“Still breathing hard. She just finished 37 shows and she was a track superstar in high school,” Alex captioned the second clip, along with, “Need a nap before Netflix.” Not to be dramatic, but we have never related to a celebrity post *this* hard in our lives. Seriously, Alex, if you need people to workout with who are more your speed, give us a call.

All jokes aside, though, Alex and Jennifer are actually the most dedicated fit couple in Hollywood … and possibly the world. Both A-listers are constantly posting exercise videos, sweaty selfies and advice on how to better yourself. The sweetest part? They aren’t afraid to publicly hype each other up!

Earlier this month, A-Rod posted an insane selfie of J. Lo’s body. Seriously, our jaws are still on the floor. “Baby, I know you’ve been killing it in Russia and you’ve got one more show to go,” he began. “Miss you and I can’t wait to see you back at home.” Ummm, yeah, who wouldn’t miss a bombshell like that? Oh, yeah, and J. Lo is also talented, smart and extremely generous.

In conclusion: Alex is a lucky, lucky man and if he has to lose every bike ride from now until death do them part, so be it!

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