Well, Alexa Ray Joel is fending off the haters… again! Four years after she clapped back at plastic surgery rumors, Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley’s daughter has shut down another online bully.

The Instagram comment that set Alexa off appears to have been deleted, but People magazine reports a user compared the 32-year-old’s looks to those of her half-sister, Sailor Brinkley Cook, 19.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Mr. Big Shot,” she told the commenter. “You may think I’m hideous, but I like the way I look. And that’s really all that matters. (Besides, there’s a lot more to people than just what they look like.)”

Alexa previously hit back at image-obsessed critics after she, Sailor, and Christie posed for Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue last year. “Let’s STOP degrading and START celebrating ourselves and others, from both the inside AND out,” she wrote on Instagram. “There’s far too much degradation, competition, insecurity, and unhealthy standards associated with women and their bodies — particularly on social media … We are all perfect, just as we are. Please know that. Thank you @si_swimsuit for showcasing all heights, shapes, and sizes. For within our distinctions, our quirks, and our self-perceived ‘flaws,’ therein lies the beauty.”

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✨~Her name Sailor fits her to a T. She's the precise definition of a free spirit, she relishes the outdoors, she's an adventurer and voyager who's always up for something new. As someone who isn't [anywhere near within the remote vicinity] as outgoing as her- in fact, I am absurdly introverted- I remain in eternal awe of her fearless spirit and her bold, unapologetic vivaciousness for life. She's always on the go- whether in the midst of a new photography project, or running outdoors, or graduating her first year at Parsons, or tackling a new modeling assignment. Whatever it may be, she doesn't waste a minute jumping headfirst into her dreams.💫True to Sailor form, she's got that trademark golden-tan and ocean-blue eyes, with a constantly giddy laugh and golden-sun-kissed hair that always seems to be wavy from a carefree, sea-salted day at the beach. Whenever I see her, I see a blue and yellow aura of fiery energy and explosive strength. I see an endless haze of summertime, powder-blue skies, and white little sailboats. The world is her oyster!!! If she wants to pursue modeling, she can model. If she wants to pursue photography, her aesthetic eye is so fine-tuned that she could easily be a professional photographer. If she wants to be a director, her innate skill for creating short-films is so impressive that she could successfully pursue that avenue as well. She forever amazes me; my contrary firecracker of a little sister… and I can't wait to see what's in store for her. She's quite the popular social-butterfly these days, but I'm hoping to get more one-on-one time with her before the summer's end; whether that be doing spontaneous outdoor photo-shoots, or just laughing deliriously about any ridiculous little nothings. So SAIL ON, my Sailor Lee… and keep reaching for endless golden horizons.~🕊🌈⚓️🦋🌞🐚🌊👑💎 #Happy19thMySailorLee

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In 2014, she used Facebook to dispel plastic surgery rumors, while confirming one, sole cosmetic operation. “The only thing I have ever had done is my nose, which I have always been completely candid, honest, and open about,” she wrote. “I actually have a hearty dose of self-confidence now — which took me a little extra minute or so to find.”

Anyway, that mean-spirited Instagram user has taken his/her account offline. So we say, Alexa: 1, Online troll: 0.