Kill ’em with kindness, right Kim Kardashian? The 37-year-old proved that she’s that kinda gal on Feb. 1, when she revealed the list of people who’d be getting PR packages for her new Kimoji Hearts fragrance line. Of course, her family members and friends made the list, but we were shocked to see that haters like Taylor Swift, Wendy Williams, Piers Morgan, and Blac Chyna also have a special surprise on the way! Watch the video below to see Kim’s full list:

Fans quickly noticed that most of the people Kim’s had beef with got a blue sticky note, rather than pink or purple. Since all three colors correspond to one of her sweetheart-themed fragrances, they assumed the celebs listed on blue sticky notes would get the scent “Bae.” This, in itself, could have brought the sweet gesture to shade status, since Kim’s friends and family were getting “Ride or Die” and “BFF.” “Bae” could be used sarcastically and condescendingly, like “sweetie” or “honey,” but the other two are strictly affectionate.

However, Kim quickly cleared up any confusion, tweeting, “Let me just say all haters didn’t get bae. Some of my real bff’s got bae too and my mom!” So don’t worry, if you buy the nearly-sold-out “Bae” fragrance, you won’t be purchasing a symbol of Kim’s hate. If you need more proof, Paris Hilton (who is suddenly like Kim’s best friend again) posted a video of herself smashing open a blue chocolate heart to get her “Bae” perfume, so clearly, it’s not the unwanted stepchild of the bunch.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how all of these haters got the perfume, they received a knock at the door from one of Kim’s cronies. When a fan asked her, “How do you make sure that the chocolate in the pr boxes doesn’t melt?” she revealed, “We hand delivered them all.” We’d honestly give up our firstborn child to see the look on Taylor’s face!