Drag Queen Alexis Stone Can Transform Into Any Celebrity — and We’re Shook!

When it comes to celebrity makeovers, no one comes close to Alexis Stone. The drag queen and makeup artist can transform into any famous person imaginable — and does it all with only a handful of beauty products.

The London-based diva has amassed a social media following of hundreds of thousands of fans thanks to her uncanny transformations. From Leonardo DiCaprio to Ellen DeGeneres to Cher, there is no one Alexis can't morph into. So how did Alexis (real name: Elliot Joseph Rentz) get so good?


"I remember using Mac powder when I was 15 at school to conceal my teenage blemishes (and failing). Thankfully, I grew up with my mother, who allowed/encouraged me to be as creative as possible, so wearing makeup wasn’t an alien experience," Alexis told Intomore.com. "While I lived in London I spent time living with two friends, Synestra and Luxeria, who both wore — and continue to wear — incredibly refined makeup. I would sit and watch them paint for hours, until one day Lux said I could sit at her makeup counter and use her makeup. Alas, Alexis was created."

Alexis has made it known that "Catwoman" Jocelyn Wildenstein is a favorite to impersonate, and admits that younger celebs are harder to perfect. "Kylie Jenner is a beautiful girl, but compared to Goldie Hawn, her face doesn’t have many defining features," Alexis added. "Sure, she has big lips and long lashes, but someone with a little more age and character gives me more details to work from."

Despite harsh self-critiques, Alexis' fans are impressed with the work time and time again. "Meanwhile I can barely put on fake lashes," one follower commented about Alexis' recent Mariah Carey transformation. Another added, "You make a better Mariah Carey than the real Mariah Carey." Seriously, we can't get enough.

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