Were you home on Saturday night? Did you happen to catch the Lifetime TV movie The Brittany Murphy Story?

Well, we did. Let’s just say it wasn’t one our favorite Lifetime movies to date.

Anyway, the gal who nabbed the starring role, Amanda Fuller, has come to the film’s defense after many critics bashed it — and Brittany’s father, Angelo Bertolotti, said he was “disgusted” by it.

The Last Man Standing actress, 30, described the late Clueless star as “a crazy girl from Jersey with that quirky spirit,” and said she strongly believes Brittany’s mom, Sharon Murphy, would have been happy with the outcome of the movie.

“I think if she were to see the film, she would see the intent was only to honor Brittany’s memory and bring her beautiful spirit to life,” so says Amanda.

Regardless of Amanda’s opinion, Angelo is far from happy the movie saw the light of day.

Shortly after it premiered on Saturday, Sept. 6, he took to Twitter to air his frustration with fans.


Brittany passed away in December 2009 from what’s believed to be pneumonia and anemia in the home she shared with her mother and husband, Simon Monjack. Six months later, Simon was found dead in the same house, leading some to believe foul play was involved.

During an interview in August, Angelo suggested Sharon could be responsible for the deaths.

When asked his opinions about the investigations, he told Examiner, “Sharon Murphy should be interviewed and investigated, first and foremost,” adding he suspected she was involved in the deaths.


Simon and Sharon in January 2010, one month after Brittany’s death (Photo Credit: Getty)

Most recently lab reports allegedly suggest the actress, who died at age 32, may have been poisoned.

“By the time Brittany collapsed in her bathroom there was probably nothing the paramedics or hospital staff could have done to save her,” pathologist Dr. Richard Shepherd recently stated. “But had she been taken to the hospital 24 hours earlier and given intravenous drugs, there is a very good chance she would have survived and would still be here today.”

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