Well, two things just got enhanced for Bachelor in Paradise star, Amanda Stanton. The 27-year-old confirmed on Instagram that she had a boob job after fans allegedly flooded her DMs asking her whether or not the rumor was true. Watch the video and check out what she had to say as well as some of her post-op photos!

Although Amanda hasn’t disclosed many details about the procedure such as when it took place or what size she upgraded to, it’s clear she’s ready to open up about it. And she’s no stranger to letting fans into her personal life as she already has done so while appearing on Season 20 of The Bachelor with Ben Higgins and Season 3 and 4 of Bachelor In Paradise where she fell for Josh Murray and Robby Hayes, respectively.

amanda stanton and josh murray

Before making a name for herself in Bachelor Nation, Amanda was married to now ex-husband, Nick Buonfiglio, with whom she shares two daughters — Kinsley, 5, and Charlie, 3. While Nick has yet to make a comment about Amanda’s decision to go under the knife, he has been vocal in the past about how her looks are her main priority.

During a heated discussion on Facebook in 2017, he wrote, “Sick and tired of people thinking she’s a mom who actually cares about their well-being. This was the last straw. She deserves to be shown as the immature mother she is. She cares more about what she looks like [than] the well-being of her own children.”

He spoke exclusively with Life & Style in 2016 about how Amanda’s parenting ways changed since going on the show. “Before Bachelor in Paradise, they had never been to daycare. Then, as soon as she comes back… they’re in daycare full time,” he shared. And while Nick may have some unresolved tension with Amanda, he said, “I will always have a place for her in my heart.”

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