Unfortunately, when it comes to finding love on Bachelor in Paradise, Amanda Stanton has struck out twice. The mother-of-two just confirmed she split with co-star Robby Hayes amid rumors he cheated on her after filming on the reality dating competition wrapped.

However, Amanda, 27, admits she didn’t introduce her daughters, Charlie and Kinsley, to the “social media influencer” because she did not see a future with him. “No. I introduced the girls to Josh, and that didn’t end up working out, so it’s something that I’m very protective of them about. I will say, even with Josh, the reason I introduced them to Josh was because I really did feel like he was ready,” she told Glamour magazine. “With Robby, I just never saw that. Even if it was too soon now, it’s something I wanted to be able to see in the future or work toward. But the more I talked to Robby and the more we hung out, the less and less I could see that happening.”

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The Josh she is referring to is, of course, her ex-fiancé Josh Murray, whom she met on Season 3 of BiP. The couple had a pretty nasty breakup, but Amanda did admit there was one nice thing about the former baseball player. “He was really good with my kids,” she added. “If I have one good thing to say about Josh, that’s what it would be.”

On the upcoming finale, Amanda and Robby will take the stage to address those cheating rumors, with twins Emily and Haley Ferguson accusing Robby of double-crossing their BFF. “He did cheat on Amanda,” Emily says during the taping. “There were pictures coming out.” When Robby is asked by host Chris Harrison if that’s true, Robby denies it, saying, “That’s false.”

As for Josh, Amanda has not spoken with him in a while, which she admits is for the best. Tune into the BiP finale on Monday, Sept. 11 at 8 p.m. on ABC.