Are Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes just trying to stay relevant? It’s a tricky question — but, they sure are making headlines. The former Bachelor in Paradise couple have been at each other’s throats over the past several months following their split, and most recently, they’ve been publicly bickering about Disneyland annual passes. Yes, Disneyland passes.

In a now deleted tweet, the mom of two called out an unnamed ex-boyfriend who emailed her about a payment issue with her Disneyland pass. Oddly enough, Robby continued the mess when he outed himself as being that “ex” Amanda was referring to in her post. He even shared their email thread and text messages — all of which have been deleted. Amanda was not only confused, but also embarrassed by the way Robby acted.

amanda stanton and robby hayes

So, naturally, she went on Dean Unglert‘s podcast, Help! I Suck at Dating, to discuss the situation. “I guess what I was so confused about is that it’s been eight months and I have obviously moved on with my life,” she said. “I didn’t even really consider Robby an ex.”

Ouch! But her jabs at the 29-year-old didn’t stop there. “I haven’t talked to Robby in forever — that was the first time I heard from him. I checked my e-mail and I saw that he forwarded me his Disneyland membership…It was on [my credit card] and I got a new one so his payment was being declined,” she explained. “The funny thing is he can say he thought it was going to collections, but there was an option there to update your card information. So I just thought it was funny he was forwarding it to me, rather than putting his own card information on there. Kind of petty.”

amanda stanton and robby hayes

Petty or not, Amanda dubbed the entire thing “embarrassing” and thinks Robby only exposed himself for the drama. “I don’t know if he just wants attention, and that’s why part of me doesn’t even want to talk about it, because I feel like I’m giving him what he wants,” she said. “I feel like he just wants attention — whether it’s good or bad.”

The couple started dating on Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise, but called off the relationship after the finale wrapped when Robby was accused of cheating on Amanda. After the split, Amanda told People, “There were photos of him with another girl. It became too much for me.”

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