Body-positive icon Amber Rose‘s larger-than-life breasts are two of her most famous physical attributes, but recently, the mother-of-one went under the knife to get a breast reduction! Though she once rocked a size 36H, she’s now sporting a modest — but still pretty damn big — 36D. And from the looks of her Instagram, she couldn’t be happier with the procedure. Watch the video below to see the results of her breast reduction surgery!

The 34-year-old got real about her recovery process. “I don’t know if you guys know, but I was a 36H,” she said while dressed in a bathrobe. “I was really, really big and I think now I might be a D cup, which is like, really small for me. Look how much smaller they are. So I really went down a lot.” Though the beauty decided to reduce the size of her chest, she has always been outspoken about supporting curvy women.

In an interview with The Cut from 2016, Amb talked about the outrageous body standards females are compared to. “People have to realize that the supermodels we see represent 5% or 3% of women in the world,” she said. “It’s not realistic. It’s very realistic to have cellulite and saggy boobs — it’s part of just being a human.”

She encouraged ladies to accept themselves and their bodies for what they are. “When you see these images, you think, ‘I don’t look like that.’ Embrace the skin that you are in,” she added. “If you really do want to change, put your mind to it. Try to work out and eat better. I’ll probably never have the perfect body and I’m okay with that.”