17 Celebrities Who Looked Completely Stunning After Shaving Their Heads

Celebrities are always trying out new looks, but no one did it better than these celebrities who shaved their heads. Going from long-locks to a buzzcut is a dramatic change, but if anyone knows drama, it's Hollywood. Whether they're making the switch for a role, to support a friend, or just for a change, stars like Kate Hudson and Solange have grabbed the clippers and gone, well, basically bald. The best part? They totally rocked the edgy hair looks.

Some celebs ditch their hair for a role, then hide behind wigs or stay out of the public eye until their locks grow back to a respectable pixie cut length. But what we love about these stars is that they didn't just go for the big chop. They totally worked it, on the red carpet and out to events and just hanging out with their friends. And they looked so good doing it that they're kind of inspiring us to follow suit. We're not quite ready to reach for the razor yet — but checking out these celebs with their close crops, we're not feeling far off.

Check out the gallery below to see celebrities who've rocked the shaved head look.