Sarah Paulson is not afraid of aging, even without the help of plastic surgery. While being interviewed by her longtime friend Pedro Pascal for Interview Magazine, she proudly stated, “I’m now 49 years old,” and admitted, “I’m happy to say it.”

Pedro, also 49, said in the Tuesday, April 16, piece that he’s “not” happy to discuss his age. The actress laughed and responded, “Well, since I don’t shoot anything into my face at this particular juncture, I imagine everyone knows I’m 49.”

The Last of Us star assured Sarah that her recent return to Broadway in the show Appropriate will keep her young, but she disagreed. “If there’s anything that’s going to age me rapidly, it’s going back to the theater,” Sarah insisted. “Sometimes I’m backstage doing this play, Appropriate, and I’m thinking, ‘Wow, I’m making these facial expressions multiple times a day all day for months on end. I’ve never had those lines between my eyebrows.’ Well, I expect when I’m done with this play, they’ll be there permanently.”

Sarah previously discussed never having plastic surgery during a joint interview with friend Amanda Peet. “I have no judgment about someone having work done, but for me, it’s important to try to accept the inevitable reality of my face,” she told InStyle. “I’d like to say that I’m never going to do it, but I also say, ‘Let’s see how I feel when things have radically headed south.’”

Amanda, 52, also interviewed Sarah for Elle in 2015 and they addressed rumors that Sarah had work done on her lips. “My lips are completely my own,” the American Horror Story star said. “I can show you pictures of me as a sophomore in high school, and believe you me, my lips are there, and it’s crazy because the rest of my face has yet to grow. It’s like, ‘Hi, lips!’ Had I done anything to my face, it would feel like, OK, the secrets out. But having done nothing …”

She also explained that she knows “exactly what’s going to happen with [her] face” as she gets older, so she’s not shying away from it. “It’s not going to be good,” Sarah admitted. “But I don’t feel like I have to go around saying, ‘God, I’m so excited about aging,’ to not go and carve up my face.”

While speaking with Bustle in 2018, Sarah said she “feels pretty strongly” that she’ll never have work done. “It’s just, for me, I actually have panic [about it],” she explained. “Some people’s faces really take to it well. Other people’s faces do not. And you kind of don’t know until you do it. As an actress who wants to work when I’m 80, if I mess it up in my early 40s, then I’m f–ked.”