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Inside Model Olivia Culpo’s Beauty Routine: Plastic Surgery Quotes, Photos Then and Now

Model Olivia Culpo is undeniably gorgeous, but has she had plastic surgery? See everything the model has said about her beauty and skin care routine, going under the knife, plus photos of her then and now. 

The Rhode Island native was thrust into the spotlight after winning Miss Rhode Island, the first beauty pageant she ever entered, followed by Miss Universe in 2012. Since then, her career has skyrocketed, along with speculation about if she’s gone under the knife or not. 

Although Olivia has not spoken directly in response to plastic surgery questions, she has admitted that she opts for a more natural look these days after the heavy makeup she used to wear as a beauty queen. 

“Looking back on those photos, I don’t even know who that person is, because it was just too much,” the Back40 restaurant owner said during a video for Vogue. “I’m not a huge fan of changing what your face looks like. I like the idea of enhancing the things that make you different instead of creating a whole new face. I actually just like working with the canvas that you have.”

That being said, Olivia loves a multitude of beauty treatments. She talked about using BTL Aesthetic’s Emsculpt Neo, a non-invasive body sculpting treatment, to target certain parts of her body. 

“I wasn’t seeing the same results. [Emsculpt Neo] gets at areas I’ve never been able to target in my normal ab routines,” the Swing of Things actress said during a virtual chat with plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Levine in 2020. “I’m always trying to achieve long and lean [muscles], Pilates-style, but that’s me.”

Olivia said she saw a significant difference in her abdomen and recommended doing four weekly treatments, but when treating her backside, she said to try four sessions every two weeks. 

One thing that helps Olivia maintain her glow is her passion for skincare. She broke down her 40-step skincare regimen for Vogue, which included about $4,300 in total products. 

Some of the priciest items that Olivia uses include LED-powered Déesse Pro Mask ($1,900), a slew of products from Dr. Barbara Sturm, including her Hyaluronic Serum ($300), Calming Serum ($250), Glow Drops ($145) and Eye Cream ($140).

All in all, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model has a big-picture approach to her looks. “My perception of beauty has definitely changed over the years,” she told Prevention in 2020. “I realized the importance of what you put into your body in terms of overall skin health.”

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