Olivia Culpo set the plastic surgery rumors straight “for the record” during a Coachella GRWM video on Sunday, April 14.

“[I] have never had plastic surgery,” the former Miss Universe winner, 31, said in a TikTok video. “I don’t judge anybody that has – but I see things in my comments like, ‘What did she do to her jaw?’ Or, a lot of people will say, like, that I got buccal fat removal because my face is more sunken in now than it was 10, 12 years ago.”

Olivia went on to tell her online fans “exactly what” cosmetic enhancements she’s had done, which were all injectables. Pointing at her face, the influencer revealed she gets Botox above both eyebrows and on the outsides of her chin. Olivia also noted that she doesn’t get the treatment on her forehead because it raises her eyebrows awkwardly high. Onto the next injectable: Filler!

“I fill my lips. I do not fill my jaw. There’s actually a period in time where I would do Botox [on my jaw] to slim it. But I’m just embracing my natural structure,” Olivia continued. “I do not have cheek filler. I have done filler before in my cheeks but I haven’t in years. I don’t want my face to be so concave, I guess. So, that’s the tea guys.”


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Later in the video, Olivia shared one more inside beauty secret.

“Speaking of lips, I tried Botox [on my cupid’s bow] before and then my lips looked insane. Like, just too much, but I would try that maybe just at a different location,” the NFL WAG admitted. “You know, happiness is definitely an inside job at the end of the day and you can do all of these things because it’s fun to you or not.”

The model jumped to nationwide fame when she was crowned Miss Universe in 2012. Given that her beauty plays a major role in her career, fans often inquire about Olivia’s beauty and how she maintains a youthful glow.

“Looking back on those photos [during my pageant days], I don’t even know who that person is, because it was just too much,” she said during a video for Vogue. “I’m not a huge fan of changing what your face looks like. I like the idea of enhancing the things that make you different instead of creating a whole new face. I actually just like working with the canvas that you have.”