Besties! Selena Gomez took to Instagram to share a text convo between herself and best friend Julia Michaels, and we love how great these two are to each other.

Julia, 25, initiated the convo by telling the Disney alum, 26, “Just telling you I love you in all caps! ;)” as seen in a screenshot Sel posted to her Insta Story on Monday, June 3. Selena tagged Julia and added a heart, which led the “Issues” singer to share on her own Instagram Story and write, “I’d tell you everyday,” followed by a heart. Aw! Now, if these aren’t BFF goals, we’re not sure what is.

Selena Gomez and Julia Michaels

The two pop stars worked together on a song called “Anxiety,” proving how undeniable their chemistry as musicians is. The track puts on display both of their vulnerable sides in a relatable way. Julia kicked off the song, then the “Come and Get It” crooner joined in around the 1:14-minute mark. “Always wanted to be one of those people in the room/ That says something and everyone puts their hand up/ Like, ‘If you’re sad put your hand up/ If you hate someone, put your hand up/ If you’re scared, put your hand up,’” she sang


Selena then went off and got candid about her feelings in regards to her past relationships in the pre-chorus. “Feel like I’m always apologizing for feeling/ Like I’m out of my mind when I’m doing just fine/ And my exes all say that I’m hard to deal with/ And I admit, it’s true,” she continued.

The bop was released in January, and it’s safe to say Selena has come a long way since. As of late, she’s been seen out with friends and promoting her latest movie The Dead Don’t Die, which hits theaters on June 14. Clearly, nothing can bring this girl down!