Psychic much? Two years before Kevin and Danielle Jonas tied the knot in 2009, Joe Jonas foresaw that would be the woman his older brother would end up marrying.

In the Jonas Brothers‘ documentary Chasing Happiness, which premiered on Amazon Prime on Tuesday, June 4, there’s old footage of a conversation the oldest Jo Bros. member, 31, had with Danielle, 32, during the early days of their relationship. “Hey Danielle. It’s Kevin. How are you?” the phone call, which was dated November 2007, began. “I want to give you a little more information about tonight if I can,” Kevin continued, before Joe, 29, looked directly at the camera and said, “It’s Kevin’s future wife.”

The brothers were in the car while this was happening, and even with Kevin sitting in the back, Joe couldn’t help but annoy him — to be fair, he had good intentions! Kevin was trying to give Danielle all the details she needed to attend their concert, but Joe kept interrupting by excitedly whispering, “Say you’re excited to see her!” The Married to Jonas star ignored it, which made Joe persistent. “Say, ‘I’m so excited to see you!'” he repeated.

Soon after, Kevin gave Danielle the phone number of the person she could contact for any further inquiries and he finally began taking his brother’s advice, but once again, was interrupted. “I can’t wait to …” he said until Danielle seemingly took over the convo. At this point, Joe began making faces showing his frustration.

He then redeemed himself when he told her, “We’re hanging out a little after. I think there might be a little chill out time after the show.” At this point, Kevin backed away from the phone for a second to tell Joe to “stop” with his silly gestures. After Kevin said goodbye to Danielle, he scolded his younger bro as Joe congratulated him. “Good job,” he told Kevin, who annoyingly said, “Don’t talk to me while I’m on the phone anymore.”

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Not many nights off these days but anytime I get to spend with these girls is an absolute win! Love you girls

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Hey, it all worked out in the end, though! Now they’ve been married for nearly a decade and have two kids together.