“This is one small step for woman, one giant leap for womankind.” On Tuesday, February 26, Ariana Grande took to Twitter with one very serious request regarding the blatant lack of cosmic emojis available to iPhone users. “I would very much enjoy some more planet emojis [in the] next update, please. I could really use a Jupiter, a Neptune and a Saturn,” the songstress, 26, wrote.

As powerful as Ari is, there’s no way she can just breathe new emojis into existence, right? Like, there’s a whole process that’s involved in creating these little symbols that dominate our conversations, RIGHT?! Ha, think again. This is Ariana freakin’ Grande we’re talking about … if she wants more planet emojis, more planet emojis she shall get.

Within legit 30 minutes, Jeremy Burge, the Chief Emoji Officer at Emojipedia replied to the brunette beauty’s tweet. “One Saturn emoji coming right up (coming to phones this year),” he wrote, along with photographic proof that Ariana is basically a sorceress. 

Of course, like us, fans were beyond impressed. “U WANT IT, U GOT IT” one user commented. “She snapped,” added another. Beyond that, though, many people chimed in with speculation that Ari’s tweet is actually just a tease for her next music video. “So NASA really is coming, huh?” one Ari stan guessed. “If ur gonna keep teasin’ NASA just come right out and say it … NASA next single and music video soon,” echoed another.

One person flat out asked the pop legend if she was filming for “NASA,” to which she replied, “no,” with a black heart emoji. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not happening. As transparent as Ari is with her fans, she does have to keep them on their toes … just a little bit, anyway. 

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