A little dramatic, no? On Sunday, February 10, one of Pete Davidson’s many tattoo artists took to Instagram to reveal that the SNL star, 25, just freshly inked the Tootsie Pop owl onto his back. As much as we’d love to analyze why the heck he did that, we couldn’t help but notice that the tattoo on the back of his neck once dedicated to his ex-fiancé, Ariana Grande, has been covered up. Watch the video above to see his new tattoo and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

ICYMI: Ari, 26, and Pete really (and we mean REALLY) loved permanently marking their flesh with homages to each other. One such dedication was the phrase “Mille Tendress,” which means “a million tendernesses” in French. Pretty romantic, right? Right … so long as you never go through a highly publicized break up.

To be fair, we totally understand why Pete covered up the tattoo, we’re just a little, er, annoyed with how he went about it. Instead of taking a more subtle approach — like he did with the infamous Dangerous Woman bunny ears — he decided to boldly tattoo the word “cursed” over his delicate ink.

Hmmm, cursed, huh? Well, for starters, since dating Ariana, Pete has gone on to hook up with A-list uber babe Kate Beckinsale. We don’t know about you guys, but generally, those who consider themselves damned don’t get to hold hands with one of the most beautiful and talented ladies in Hollywood. Just saying. 

In addition to that, the comedian’s former flame released an album on February 8 that essentially absolved Pete of any real blame in their relationship’s demise. Ariana featured a track called “Ghostin’” on Thank U, Next that explained to listeners that she and Pete ultimately failed because Ari was unable to cope with the tragic death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller.

Kate Beckinsale holds hands with new man Pete Davidson as they left the 'LAGO' bar in Los Angeles, CA

After months of speculation that Pete was the root of their issues, he should consider himself pretty lucky that Ariana was brave enough to be vulnerable and take accountability for her part in how things ended.  

In conclusion, Pete Davidson is not cursed. Yes, we realize it’s just a tattoo and it’s not that deep, but seeing as Ariana was roasted for her BBQ grill mishap, we figured it was time to even the playing field.

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