Don’t cross Ari! Just days before Ariana Grande‘s new record Sweetener is set to drop, an overeager fan leaked her album art on Twitter, and the pop diva straight up wasn’t having it. Instead of letting it slide or staying quiet and hoping not too many fans saw, the singer had a wholeass meltdown — and she came for the leaker, not one single hold barred. Though she eventually calmed down and deleted most of her tweets, the Internet is forever and nothing is ever really gone. And by the way, the tea is almost as sweet as the album itself. It all started with this tweet.

Notice anything weird or out of place or, uh, not particularly cute? Ari definitely did — and she had no mercy when she called them out. “I mean if somebody’s gonna leak what my hard copies looks [sic] like please handle this first ….. please. This music is….. too good for this,” she responded to the pic. And it was abundantly clear just what the Sweetener singer was talking about when she included a zoomed in picture of that thumb and dirty fingernail. 

ariana grande tweeted,

Photo Credit: Twitter

She didn’t stop there, either. The roast wasn’t done cooking. “Like a. illegal,” she continued, “b. I worked too damn hard for this nail to be featured on my hard copy debut c. I can’t.” And we totally get it. Artists like Ariana work hard to come up with a sound, a vibe, and a look for their music — and if you’ve seen the visuals that went with her song “God Is A Woman” then you know just how seriously she takes it. For someone else to bogart away the creative control for that debut is seriously not cool and frustrating… and then for them to not even have clean nails in the picture? It’s far from the pristine premiere that was surely already underway. 

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Photo Credit: Twitter

Luckily, all the Arianators and stans managed to calm down their fave and reassure her that all her hard work still stood and spoke for itself. And when she revealed the album art how she wanted to for Friday’s debut, it’d still be as gorgeous as ever. Plus, though a leak is not cool and the fan shouldn’t have put Ari’s hard copy on blast like that, it’s hard to blame someone for being excited that they managed to get their hands on an album that’s sure to be a hit. We don’t know that we’d take the time to clean our fingernails before sharing with everyone, either. Whether it was because she realized her fan was just being a fan who got a little too zealous or that she’d gone a little too hard (or that she was giving the leak a lot of attention that it wouldn’t have gotten otherwise), Ari deleted the thread. But a few tweets still remain to mark the occasion.