Poor Ariana Grande! The world-famous pop star, 26, took to her Instagram to share a somber message about her canceled Florida performances in Tampa and Orlando. “I woke up incredibly sick today, ran to my doctor here and have been told to postpone these shows tonight and tomorrow,” Ari wrote on Tuesday, May 28.

“I will make this up to you, I promise. Please forgive me. I love you and I will be back and better than ever as soon as possible,” she continued, adding another “love you” for good measure. Ari then included a note regarding any concerns fans may have about their purchase.

Ariana Grande Instagram Story
Courtesy of Ariana Grande/Instagram

“Live Nation will be in touch with you all ASAP regarding your tickets and when we will be returning,” she noted. “Thank you so much for understanding and can’t wait to see you and make it up to you.” Shortly after Ariana’s original message, she quickly followed up with more concrete details. 

“Will keep you posted as soon as possible on exact dates, but we will be returning in November and you will be able to use the tickets you’ve already purchased. Thank you so much for your understanding,” she reiterated. Understanding, huh? Perhaps Ari has yet to see some of the fan backlash on Twitter about having to wait so long to see her perform.

“This better be a good show if I have to wait six more months. I’ve been waiting since September!” one user wrote. “Fans who showed up early for [Ariana Grande] are feeling pretty bummed at news of the show’s postponement. Some traveled from Orlando or Miami and had to save up money for travel or to take off work,” added another.

Considering Ariana absolutely adores her fans, we sincerely doubt that she meant to disappoint anyone! Here’s hoping that she has a speedy recovery.

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