Did Arie Luyendyk Jr. just ruin his season of The Bachelor? The former race car driver’s infatuation with Lauren Burnham has Bachelor Nation confused AF — as the blonde beauty is constantly compared to vanilla ice cream.

Following Monday’s night hometown dates episode, Arie took to social media to reveal he wasn’t against the ~boring~ flavor. After a Twitter user posted a photo of several varieties of vanilla ice cream captioned, “Lauren’s family portrait,” Arie responded, “My favorite flavor.” Instantly, fans blasted him for seemingly ruining the season. “So, you’re saying you pick Lauren at the end,” one fan asked before another added, “Annnnnnd producer calling to tell you to delete this in 3…2…”

However, Arie defended his tweet and reassured fans his comment was innocent. “I just really like vanilla ice cream,” he explained. Sure, Arie, sure. Along with Lauren B., this season of the reality dating competition is being called the worst ever, with fans and even past Bachelor contestants slamming Arie on social media.

“I’m glad I’m not watching #TheBachelor, seems so boring that even the live tweets are lame AF,” Olivia Caridi tweeted. Christen Whitney, aka scallop fingers, also agreed, adding, “Love all the girls, love all their families, but gotta say this is the most boring episode all season.”

And while Lauren B. might get a bad rap, the Virginia Beach native must be more entertaining than producers make her out to be, especially since she was engaged twice before competing for Arie’s final rose. Or it could just be that she resembles Arie’s ex, former Bachelorette Emily Maynard, which is hard to ignore. We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for a winner with more flavor.

If you can’t wait to see if Lauren gets Arie’s final rose, you can read our spoilers here about who Arie picks as the winner — but click at your own risk! Also be sure to join our Bachelor Facebook group to chat about all the latest updates, exclusive interviews, and juicy gossip!