Awkward much? Ariel Winter took to Instagram on Tuesday, Sept. 12, to wish her boyfriend, Levi Meaden, a happy 30th birthday. While the 19-year-old Modern Family star’s sentiments were super sweet, we can’t help but feel weird about the couple’s 11-year age difference.

“Happy 30th my love?Every single second I spend with you I fall more in love. I couldn’t be more grateful to be your partner in crime,” Ariel wrote. “You are the most incredible man, and I love you more than absolutely anything. I can’t wait to celebrate you? Here’s to many, many more birthdays together ❤️” Learn more in the video below!

Not long after posting, fans flooded Ariel’s comments section with mixed reactions. Some responses were rather positive. “Just remember that Beyoncé and JAY Z have 13 years between them. Once they’re both love legal age, it’s just a a number and isn’t important,” one follower wrote, while another added, “It’s only a 10 year difference guys. Get over it. They clearly love each other.”

But some fans were shocked AF. “Wait…30?!” one asked. “All this time I thought he was like 20.” However, one noted that this is a typical relationship for Hollywood standards. “Celebs don’t live normal lives so I wouldn’t expect them to follow the same social norms we do.”

Back in May, Ariel opened up about her relationship with Levi during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, and revealed that the two moved in together not long after romance rumors began in November 2016. “I do have my own house. Last year, I bought my own house,” she said. “My boyfriend and I live together. He cooks [and] takes care of all the handy stuff. I can bake pie occasionally — pumpkin and apple. I’m the worst wifely person.”