Ashley Busch Sizzles in Bikinis and Swimsuits: Photos Amid Her Divorce From Husband Kurt Busch

Single vibes! Ashley Busch (née Van Metro) looks amazing in bikinis, and her best swimsuit photos prove it. 

Considering the Virginia native, 30, is a professional polo player and model, it comes as no surprise that she keeps her fit figure by staying active. She loves rocking adorable swimwear so much that she even started her own swimwear line, Monarch Reign.

“A typical day for me starts with a cup of coffee, a light breakfast and after that, we are off to the races,” she told Women’s Fitness in 2017 about her daily routine. “My days vary depending on whether or not I am preparing for a polo tournament or not. Mid-mornings, I will usually work out in the gym with my trainer, Molly Deaton … Afternoons, we usually arrange some sort of practice, whether it be stick and balling, which is hitting the ball and practicing different shots, on my field at home or going to the local club to have a practice game with teammates.”

The athlete even incorporates a little activity during her leisure days. “During my off time, I always try to fit in some pool time,” she added. “I love soaking up the sun. As well as working on my swimsuit line.”

Ashley’s weekly fitness goal is to “ensure I’ve worked out all of my muscle groups” through various workouts. “I would say the most important thing to work on for polo though, would be core and arm strength, along with balance and coordination drills,” she explained. “Pulls up and push up are always essential, as well as exercises on the bosu ball, ladders and for reaction time, we work with censored lights, that blink and you have to reach or run for them to turn them off. You never know which one is going to blink next!”

While she doesn’t follow any diet “strictly,” she makes sure to consume plenty of “protein and greens,” adding, “I eat homemade protein balls as snacks, or protein shakes, and you’ve got to throw in a doughnut or something chocolate of course. Doughnuts are my favorite!”

The Racing Wives alum filed for divorce from estranged husband Kurt Busch in May 2022 after nearly six years together. In the paperwork, which was submitted to a Florida courthouse, Ashley claimed the duo’s marriage is “irretrievably broken” and claimed her spouse “committed a tortious act,” according to documents obtained by TMZ.

For his part, the NASCAR driver, 43, released his own statement. “I am heartbroken to confirm that my wife Ashley and I are working to dissolve our marriage,” Kurt wrote. “Divorce is a personal and private matter and I hope our privacy will be respected.”

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