Ashton Kutcher has been a household name ever since he landed his role as the hilarious Michael Kelso in That ‘70s Show. The Cedar Rapids, Iowa, native’s career grew exponentially, gaining further recognition and greater fortune as he took on more film roles. His net worth now stands at $200 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth

Keep reading to find out how Ashton makes his money. 

Ashton Kutcher Started Out as a Model

Before he landed his big break in the well-known Wisconsin-based sitcom, the Jobs actor attended the University of Iowa to study biochemical engineering. He then dropped out to become a model and appeared in various commercials for huge brands, such as Calvin Klein. 

Ashton Kutcher Net Worth
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Ashton Kutcher’s Reported Paycheck From ‘That ‘70s Show’ 

After he worked as a model for some time, Ashton was cast in That ‘70s Show alongside his now-wife Mila Kunis. He went on to earn around $800,000 per episode, per Celebrity Net Worth. 

Following his major success from the funny series, Ashton was cast in a slew of minor film roles, including as a self-obsessed actor and boyfriend in Cheaper by the Dozen. After starring in comical movies, such as Dude, Where’s My Car?, Just Married and Guess Who, the entrepreneur appeared in the drama The Butterfly Effect. 

Since then, Ashton has starred in several hit TV shows and movies, including What Happens in Vegas, No Strings Attached and his acclaimed role as Charlie Sheen’s replacement in Two and a Half Men

Ashton Kutcher Created MTV’s ‘Punk’d’ 

In 2003, Ashton produced and starred as the host of his comedy series Punk’d, which became a huge staple in entertainment as it pranked celebrities in various scenarios.  

Ashton Kutcher Is a Venture Capitalist

Although the Valentine’s Day star is a famous name in Hollywood, Ashton also makes money outside of the entertainment industry as a venture capitalist. 

He is a cofounder of the firm Grade-A Investments and its successor Sound Ventures. Also, he has invested in several technology startup companies, including Lemonade, Zenreach, Neighborly, ResearchGate and Kopari Beauty.

Not only has Ashton funded multiple business, but he also worked as an engineer for Lenovo. 

In a June 2017 interview with CNBC, the Guardian actor addressed an interesting perspective on the acting world, citing technological advancements in special effects as a future replacement for them. 

“It’s not like this is ‘in the future,’” he said at the time. “It’s happening right now. Just look at the growing share of CGI and animation at the box office every year.”