If you watch Bachelor in Paradise, it’s easy to see that Kevin Wendt is absolutely crazy about Astrid Loch. However, after the cameras stopped rolling, she says he ended up getting somewhat “cold feet”! So, is marriage out of the question for the pair? Read on for spoilers from a recent interview. 

Astrid talked to The Domenick Nati Show on Sept. 10, and she was shockingly honest when he asked if she was still with Kevin, and if they were talking marriage. “We are dating,” said Astrid. “But I think we’re trying to just date for now and not kind of like rush it. The process in Paradise definitely puts a lot of pressure on you, and it definitely gave him a little bit of cold feet. So we’re just trying to date like normal people in the real world for a little bit.”

Kevin’s hesitation about marriage isn’t their only issue, either. “He doesn’t want to move,” said Astrid. “He’s got a pretty good set up in Toronto; he’s got a good job and there’s good healthcare in Canada.” Luckily, Astrid isn’t completely against the idea of moving, if things continue going well. “I’m originally from Germany so I’ve moved countries before. I would be the one to move for sure,” she said.

Honestly, the news that she and Kevin are still dating will be exciting for spoiler-seeking Bachelor fans. That’s because Reality Steve previously reported that the duo breaks up on the Bachelor in Paradise finale, rather than spending the night in the Fantasty Suite together. It looks like they changed their mind, thankfully!

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