If you thought that Bachelor In Paradise was pretty much over, well, you’ve got another thing coming. For former Bachelorette contestant and BIP alum Robby Hayes, the ~journey~ is just beginning. And sure, it’s pretty much guaranteed to end within the exact same two-hour episode, but if couples can actually get engaged on The Proposal, who’s to say that Robby can’t win someone over the course of a few days in paradise?

When it comes to Bachelor Nation, he’s no newbie. In fact, he’s racked up more time across the shows than most of the people who stepped on the beach this year. As the runner-up, he made it all the way to the finale on JoJo Fletcher‘s season of Bachelorette, and on Season 4 of BIP, he came in the first week and made it to the last — though he did get dumped once again. So is Robby ready for another Bachelor relationship? Let’s review who he’s dated before. 

Robby’s first major relationship was with JoJo Fletcher.

Well, probably not his first relationship, but it was his first relationship in the public eye. Under the guidance of Chris Harrison and in the company of dozens of other dudes, Robby pursued JoJo, professed his love before anyone else, and landed roses aplenty. And actually, the two were kind of cute together. But any viewers with eyes could see that JoJo’s heart belonged only to Jordan Rodgers, and that it had been his from pretty much night one. 

“I can’t let you get down on one knee — I can’t let you do that because I don’t want to take that moment from you,” JoJo told Robby during the finale of her season, stopping him from actually proposing to her. “I fell in love with you, but for some reason my heart is somewhere else,” she explained. Though her family may have thought that Robby was the right choice for her, she just couldn’t pick him. 

Robby may have had the popular vote at the time, with fans convinced that Jordan was just going to break JoJo’s heart after the show ended, but things didn’t actually end up working out that way. In fact, JoJo and Jordan still seem happily engaged more than two years later, and they’re now one of the fave couples of Bachelor Nation. As for Robby, well, he hasn’t won nearly as much favor after the show. 

He briefly wooed Raven Gates in Paradise

Though he took a break from Bachelor Nation after getting dumped on The Bachelorette, he did end up on Paradise for Season 4 a little over a year later. Though the season mainly saw him focusing on a relationship with Amanda Stanton, she actually wasn’t the first girl that he laid eyes on when he hit the beach. He first set his sights on Raven Gates, the runner-up from Nick Viall‘s season of The Bachelor. When he landed a date card in episode one, he asked the Southern beauty to join him, but they didn’t seem to have as much chemistry as he anticipated. And considering the fact that Raven was basically Queen of the Beach last year, racking up dates and roses, well, he just didn’t stand much of a chance. 

Then came his romance with Amanda Stanton.  

Post Raven-dumping, he seemed ready to get serious with Amanda, the mother of two who’d previously dated Ben Higgins on The Bachelor and Josh Murray on Season 3 of BIP. Though she initially rejected him when he tried to kiss her, she came around later in the show, and the two began to exchange roses over the episodes while still taking any actual relationship at a glacial pace. Though Robby talked about being ready to become a step-dad, Amanda as an actual mom was still feeling things out. 

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TBH, though, last season was a short one, and when it came time to leave the beach, Amanda just wasn’t feeling ready to commit. Though Robby invited her to join him for one final fantasy suite style date, the couple ended up leaving separately. That doesn’t mean that they were done with each other just yet, though. After heading home, they linked up again, and decided to give each other another shot and see if they could make anything work now that they were out in the real world. 

But as it turns out, all that “I’m ready to be a dad to Amanda’s kids” stuff wasn’t necessarily true. According to the blonde beauty, Robby asked her to be his girlfriend but seemed more interested in partying it up than settling down. “I think we just have different ideas of what a relationship is like. Like, certain things that just come naturally in a relationship, like checking in with that person, answering when I call. There were photos of him with another girl. It became too much for me,” Amanda told People

The whole cheating scandal thing didn’t help after twins Emily and Haley Ferguson accused Robby of stepping out while he and Amanda were exclusive. And the drama continued even after the relationship ended. As recently as April of 2018, about six months after they aired their dirty laundry on the BIP reunion, they were still having it out on Twitter. Amanda accused an unnamed ex of basically asking her to cover the cost of his Disneyland Annual Pass, Robby outed himself as the owner of that pass, and there was plenty of mud-slinging on social media and across podcasts. Oh, and she said he had bad breath. But at least they seemed to be finally, actually done other than all that. We hope. 

Robby’s also been linked to Scheana Marie from Vanderpump Rules

In March of 2018, rumors started to swirl that Robby and Scheana Marie were seeing each other, and that Bachelor Nation and Vanderpump Rules was finally getting the crossover drama/romance we all deserve. Unfortunately, they both shut down the gossip pretty quickly, insisting that they were friends and only friends and refusing to let us all have our fun. “You know, we are very good friends. We have been for about a year now,” Scheana told Us Weekly

“Every time I’m in L.A., he’s one of the first people I call to hang out with and we get each other,” she said. “We’re in the same world, so it’s very easy to relate with one another. He lives on the West Side, I’m actually going to be moving there this summer, so yeah just very good friends.”

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Robby said pretty much the same thing. “Scheana is amazing. Period,” he explained to Us. “She has quickly become my best friend in L.A. since moving to the city. She’s not only drop dead gorgeous and always having fun, she’s loyal and dependable, as well, a hard trait to find in L.A. at times. We’ve been taking trips together, working together and spending a lot more time with each other, especially when we find ourselves in the same city between our busy schedules.”

Now, it looks like he’s pursuing Jenna Cooper in Paradise.

Back for round two, Robby’s actually coming in at the very last moment instead of being one of the first to hit the sand. And though we don’t know what happens just yet, it looks like he’s interested in Jenna Cooper, who’s been in a sort of complicated relationship with Jordan Kimball since she first arrived. Though she wavered on pursuing things with Jordan while she considered a relationship with Benoît Beauséjour-Savard, Jenna’s settled back into that exclusive life — but Robby just may shake things up. 

After all, we still don’t know where that footage of Jenna in a wedding dress came from. Are she and Jordan tying the knot? Did she hop out of that relationship and decided to go all-in with Robby, The Proposal style, after one date? And will the competing male models actually come to blow over her? There’s been plenty of talk already about peeling people’s skin off (and, like, what if we didn’t do that?) so it’s hard to say just how serial-killer-psycho the final episode is about to get — and what’s left in store for Robby.