It didn’t take long for the budding relationship between Kevin Wendt and Astrid Loch to capture the hearts of Bachelor in Paradise fans. They were easily the most open, honest, and genuine couple we saw on Season 5, which is why it was so devastating for fans when they broke up on Part 1 of the finale! Luckily, they reunited after the cameras stopped rolling, and now they seem happier than ever! 

Kevin had a few hangups on the show. 

The couple has been solid from the beginning. Maybe too solid, if you ask Kevin. The only fight the couple had was after Kevin told Astrid he “kind of wants her to date other guys.” He was afraid that she would feel like she hasn’t experienced enough and regret it later, which of course, offended Astrid and made her break down in tears.

However, it proved to be a good trial for the pair, who talked it out and came out stronger, with Kevin admitting he feels like she’s too good to be true, and opening up about his mental health struggles and abandonment issues while away from his therapist. 

They have cutesy inside jokes.

Even while they hid their romance, their adorable inside jokes make them seem cozy. On one cute pic that Kevin posted of the duo, Astrid commented “Mango.” Later, when Kevin asked friends to donate to the Sick Kids Foundation, Astrid wrote “done,” and Kevin replied, “thanks Mango.”

Then, when Astrid asked fans if she should live-tweet the show, Kevin responded “maybe not tonight??” leading fans to believe they were together. Looks like they were right!

Kevin totally has baby fever.

Perhaps his new relationship has him thinking about the future, because Kevin has been making a lot of kid jokes lately. On a recent pic with Astrid, he wrote, “I hope the kids are behaving back home #datenight.” Then he posted a photo holding a friend’s baby with the caption, “When my best friend has a second beautiful boy, I really feel the urge to catch up! #babyfever.” You hear that, Astrid?

So, did they get engaged? 

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On the day of the first part of the finale on Sept. 10, Astrid went on The Domenick Nati Show and revealed that they ARE still together, but don’t push for an engagement… they’re taking things slow. Astrid expressed on the reunion special that she was a little hesitant to trust Kevin again after he randomly dumped her when they felt they were so strong. But it seems like she’s slowly but surely getting there. They’ve even discussed her moving to Canada to be with him! 

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