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Everyone could use a little relaxation during home quarantine amid the coronavirus outbreak, so I reached out to the top 12 aesthetic experts in the nation for tips on implementing your own at-home stress relief spa day! 

1) Steam Room:

“One of my favorite tips to create your own spa-like steam bath”, says dermatologist Dr. Amy Spizuoco. “Turn your shower on as hot as you can reasonably tolerate, pour a generous amount of eucalyptus oil in a dish and then place the dish on a protected area of the shower allowing your bathroom to steam up like an upscale spa. Add some gentle spa tunes and you’ve created your own steam room oasis.”

2) Facial Mask:

Dermatologist Dr. Michelle Henry loves to visit the kitchen to start her at-home spa day. “Mix honey and yogurt in a 50/50 ratio and apply a moderate layer to the face. The honey is anti-inflammatory, so it will help calm stressed-out complexions and the lactic acid in the yogurt will gently exfoliate and soften skin. Leave on for 15 minutes, gently rinse off and your relaxed skin will appear happier and healthier!”

3) Salt Bath:

Dermatologist Dr. Jeanette Black notes that soaking in warm water feels great and is a wonderful way to relax muscles and loosen stiff joints. She recommends that you “take your home spa to the next level” by making it a salt bath. “When using a standard size tub, add two cups of Epsom salt. Inexpensive and readily available — it’s in every grocery store and drug store so pick up a bag or have it delivered — the hyperosmolarity will make you feel slightly lighter in the water and the experience will help unwind tight muscles and loosen stiff joints”.

4) Cool as a Cucumber:

Placing chilled cucumbers on your eyes is the recommendation of dermatologist Dr. Phil Werschler. “Nothing removes puffiness and stress like a cool cucumber eye patches. Simply place one over each eye and lie back for 15 minutes. When you get up, you’ll not only feel better emotionally but also the delicate skin around your eyes will look hydrated and the appearance of dark circles will be diminished!”

5) Tea Bags:

No cucumbers? No Worries! Dermatologist Dr. Alison Tam suggests “placing two aromatic tea bags in lukewarm water for few minutes. Remove them from the teacup and place one on each of your closed eyes, leaving it in place for 15 minutes. It’s so relaxing that you might even fall asleep! When you take them off, you note that your eyes are refreshed, depuffed and brighter!”

6) Milk Mask:

For inflamed or irritated skin, dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth K. Hale recommends an at-home milk mask: “Take a clean washcloth and soak it in cold, whole milk, lie back and apply it to your face. After 15 minutes, remove it and rinse with cool water. The fat and proteins will help to soothe and repair the damaged skin leading to a softer, refreshed complexion!”

7) Coconut Oil:

Dermatologist Dr. Deanne Mraz Robinson says, “After exiting a warm bath and gently toweling dry, use coconut oil to finish things off by applying a thick coat of this luxuriously descendant natural moisturizer to every inch of your body. It will do an amazing job of providing much-needed moisture to your skin and its smell provides an aromatic tranquility reminiscent of a tropical vacation!”

8) Yoga Studio:

Pranayamas are yoga breathing exercises that have the unique ability to release stress and improve our mental clarity,” says dermatologist Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera. “Find the quietest room in your home, remove as much clutter and furniture as possible and set aside 30 minutes every morning to meditate and incorporate yoga exercise and deep breathing into your daily routine. After all, the rhythm of your breath is the rhythm of your life.”

9) Humidity:

“I like to envision myself sleeping in a tropical jungle” states facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Alexander Rivkin. “Take a humidifier and run it on the highest setting all night long. Your skin will look unbelievably hydrated when you wake up and increasing ambient humidity is also a great way to relieve dry, irritated eyes that have been anxiously staring at electronic screens. The added benefit is that increased humidity is associated with a decrease in viral particles in the air!”

10) Hydration:

“During times of stress, we forget the healing power of the most basic elements”, says anti-aging expert Dr. George Gavrila. “Cut up slices of fresh fruit, place it in a large glass of water and leave it in your refrigerator overnight. Wake up to delicious hydration with packed with antioxidants. Your skin and your mood will thank you!”

11) Don’t Forget Your Scalp:

Dermatologist Dr. Annie Chiu reminds us that your scalp needs love, too! Repurpose avocados and mayonnaise by mixing them together and deeply massaging them into your scalp. Leave in for 30 minutes and repeat every few days. Your scalp will be flake-free and your hair will be thicker and shinier. It’s like going to the best hair salon, but it just happens to be in your kitchen!”

12) Old School:

When all else fails, plastic surgeon Dr. Gaurav Bharti recommends people consider the original stress-relief method. “Physical intercourse with your partner is a great way to boost endorphins and improve your mood. Since everyone has free time right now and is stuck at home, this is a great opportunity to bond with your partner over the pleasure associated with love-making. For an added twist, I recommend they considering trying the tantric method.”

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