So this is the mysterious Avi Lang! Season 4 of TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life kicked off with a whole mess of drama surrounding Whitney Thore‘s love life and fans have been slowly piecing together details of the cheating scandal. In this week’s episode, Whitney found out that she was a side chick the entire time that she was dating Avi because he was already engaged to another woman. Even though that’s a totally scummy thing to do, Whitney still respected him and his privacy and blurred out Avi’s face in all previous photos that she’s posted to social media so far — but now, after finding Avi’s fiancée’s Instagram page, fans are finally getting a chance to see his face! Watch the video below to see pictures of Whitney’s shady boyfriend Avi!

Fans were able to find Avi’s pictures after Whitney tagged Nada in a video clip on Instagram which documented the moments leading up to when they both confronted the lying cheater in public! Whitney drove with Nada to what appears to be a local Starbucks where they found Avi sitting outside. Nada used Whitney’s phone to record the footage while they waited for the My Big Fat Fabulous Life camera crew to show up — and of course, fans will get to watch the entire thing go down on an upcoming episode.

“Excuse the language; I was in a state,” the 33-year-old wrote in the caption of the video clip. “And before people come for me about getting too involved too quickly, please remember that Avi and I were dating for almost [eight] months when I found this out. You never saw him on camera during season 4 because he didn’t want to be (and now we know why)!”

Nada and Whitney came together to expose and confront Avi, and some fans commented on the post, wondering why they decided to befriend one another. “Because girl solidarity and sisterhood is awesome. It was definitely part of the healing process,” Nada explained in the comments.