He completely ghosted her! My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Thore has always been open about her struggle with her love life in the past, and that’s why fans were really happy for her when she revealed that she had met someone new! But it turns out, her boyfriend Avi Lang is completely mysterious — and not in a good way. In an exclusive sneak peek for tonight’s episode, Whitney opens up to her best friend Tal and asks his advice on what to do now that Avi has stopped responding to her texts and calls after they had a serious talk about possibly getting married!

“I just feel defeated because Avi’s basically just ghosting me,” the 33-year-old told her pal. “And he’s the one who’s brought up marriage and stuff — I have never brought it up. He’s the one who goes off on these fantasies. It just feels like the rug’s been pulled out of me — I come home and I think like everything’s still great and all of a sudden, it’s like, ‘Did you meet someone else?'”


Whitney complained that Avi didn’t even have “the balls” to reach out to her and explain the reason why he stopped all communication — and she said it’s pretty obvious that things are over between them. But in a last-ditch effort to try to get some closure, she recorded a video message to send to Avi — and she played it back for Tal and asked for his opinion on the whole situation.

“That sounds to me like this is over and we’re tying up loose ends,” Tal said and Whitney agreed, but she got emotional and broke down in tears when she finally came to terms with their split. Watch the full sneak peek below and be sure to catch the next episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, airing Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on TLC.