If the theme song for Bachelor in Paradise sounds familiar, that’s because it is! The catchy tune plays at the beginning of each episode, and if you don’t sing it out loud every time it comes on, WYD? The 80’s-inspired intro includes Jordan sunbathing in his infamous golden underwear, Kendall holding the skull of an animal, Grocery Store Joe dropping a bag of produce, and Chris getting knocked over by a wave… because, well, he deserves it. So where exactly have you heard the song before? Footloose!

Each season, the theme song, “Almost Paradise” by Mike Reno and Ann Wilson stays the same (and stays in your head for literal hours afterward), but the sequence of scenes — including cast members — changes. Somehow, the personalized intro works for the hit ABC show and Bachelor Nation certainly appreciates it.

One avid watcher tweeted, “I can truly never make it through the opening credits of Bachelor in Paradise without cackling like a maniac.” Another added, “The opening theme song of #BachelorInParadise heals my soul in a way nothing else can,” and a third newcomer said, “Watching Bachelor In Paradise for the first time ever and the cheesy opening credits have totally won me over already.”

My take? Chris Harrison steals the show. I mean, come on. This is truly Emmy Award-winning television. As one Twitter user wrote, “This is one of my favorite things from the opening credits. We needed this.” Amen! Don’t @ me… or this guy.

Bachelor in Paradise airs tonight at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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