Okay, we all need to just take a moment to appreciate “Venmo John” Graham‘s abs, guys. The gentleman programmer shared a steamy new photo of his magnificent six-pack on Aug. 24, and no matter how many times he shows us his stuff, fans seem to be surprised all over again! Watch the video above to see the Bachelor in Paradise star’s chiseled torso.

This is far from the first time we’ve seen John’s abs. He hardly ever wears anything but swim trunks on the summer reality show, after all! And yet, fans are still flabbergasted by the new photo, which he says he took after a “morning workout” with co-star Kevin Wendt

“Drooling lol,” said one stunned follower. Another commenter agreed, writing, “sweet baby Jesus. I mean seriously…??????? in personality and looks!!!!! I hope @johngraham262 knows every straight woman in America sees him and his boy next door sweetness… and those abs of steel!” 

Several of John’s co-stars poked fun at him after seeing the pic. Derek Peth teased John over the joke book he mentioned on the last episode, saying, “Did that book say Dad Jokes or Daddy Jokes?” Colton Underwood chimed in “Thirst trap if I’ve ever seen one! I’m here for it tho.” Clay Harbour said, “you take this pic with a watch or flip phone?” to which John replied. “it’s a painting actually.” We’re living for the jokes! 

John’s rock-hard bod and amazing sense of humor have made him a popular fan choice for the next Bachelor, and many are hoping he’ll break ground as the very first Asian-American Bachelor. As fans know, there has never been a Bachelor of color, and Rachel Lindsey was the first black Bachelorette. It’s time for something new, y’all, ans John could be just the man for the job!