Well, this is awkward. Last night’s brand new episode of Bachelor In Paradise was as drama-filled as ever, but several eagle-eyed fans were more focused on WTF was going on with the editing. 

According to several redditors, fans were introduced to Benoît Beauséjour-Savard before he even came down the stairs! One person pointed out, “Benoit is in the background and he hasn’t even shown up yet!” Another added, “The editing this season really is sloppy, the entire point is for things to feel seamless but it definitely sticks out like a sore thumb,” and a third pissed off commenter chimed in, “They’re trying really hard to create a story because there is none this year, and they’re piecing it together however they can. They had never been this sloppy before.” They continued, “I love how they don’t think fans will notice this stuff. It kinda takes you out of the moment. It’s little things like these that make me not buy the couples this season. It’s obvious nothing real is happening.”

bachelor in paradise editing

Credit: reddit

The mistake came just one day after former contestant Jacqueline Trumbull complained about how she was edited. “Weird, I could swear I said both ‘I really really like him, and I don’t want it to end’ and ‘It’s going really well’ about my date with Arie, NOT Kenny, and yet somehow those quotes are on Paradise…” OMG. 

She added, “And this isn’t even inside scoop, those quotes were literally on The Bachelor during my Paris ITM and now on Paradise and someone paying close enough attention would figure it out (aka me, because I have rewatched these scenes a gazillion times).” 

WYD, Bach crew? Let’s not forget there was also that time Chris got up to get Krystal a drink in one outfit and came back wearing something totally different. Get it together, people!

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