Love him or hate him: you’ve definitely noticed Leo Dottavio on Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise this year! His flowing Fabio-esque hair makes him stand out among the group of contestants, and the ladies in Paradise are definitely intrigued. But what does he look like with short hair? TBH, still a total hunk.

Judging by Leo’s Instagram, he’s been growing his mane longer and longer since about 2014. Prior to that, he had some luscious locks, but nothing out of the ordinary. And back in college, he had a full-on crew cut. It’s definitely hard to imagine him without his thick curls, but he looked super cute with it short, too. And some fans think he was even better looking that way!

“This looks so much better than long hair ??,” said a fan on a recent throwback headshot showing Leandro’s old look. “Go back to this!” begged another. “One question in all episodes: how does Leo look without hair? Handsome, different, very very ?.”

Others found themselves surprised with how much they missed his mane when they finally saw him without it! “What?!?!? I’m honestly not sure what to think. I think I miss the potential of the man bun,” said one comment. Another agreed, “he’s a babe either way, but of course I love the long hair ?.” 

In the fifth episode of Bachelor in Paradise, former bartender Jorge actually had Leo and Kendall model for the cover of his romance novel, and we highly doubt they would have asked a guy with short hair to do that. The look is such a big part of his personal brand now we could never imagine him cutting it!

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