Listen, we know reality TV isn’t exactly, well, real… but it’s still super shocking when a star reveals exactly what’s going on behind-the-scenes. It’s like breaking the fourth wall, and it freaks us out! This was especially true after the Aug. 20 episode of Bachelor in Paradise, when the too-quickly-cast-off Jacqueline Trumbull complained that the editing didn’t fairly represent her. 

So here’s the necessary context: Jacqueline arrived on the show. She asked Colton Underwood on a date, but he said no (Tia drama, per usual.) Then, she asked Kenny Layne to go out with her, which he accepted. They had a great time discussing Edgar Allen Poe and joking about how it’s her birthday and women get better with age. Unfortunately Kenny also hit it off with Annaliese, and he gave her the rose instead. As she left, Jacqueline enjoyed a sad cake alone, and mused about how she really thought she had something special with Kenny… or did she?

“Weird, I could swear I said both ‘I really really like him, and I don’t want it to end’ and ‘it’s going really well’ about my date with Arie, NOT Kenny, and yet somehow those quotes are on Paradise… #frankenbit,” she tweeted after the show. Wait, what?!

Yes, not only did Jacqueline not say those words about Kenny, according to her, but she didn’t even say them on the show! She alleges they were pulled straight from Arie’s season nearly a year earlier and dubbed over the summery scene. “This isn’t even inside scoop, those quotes were literally on The Bachelor during my Paris [in-the-moment interview] and now on Paradise. Someone paying close enough attention would figure it out (aka me, because I have rewatched these scenes a gazillion times).”

But that doesn’t mean she didn’t truly enjoy her date with Kenny. When a fan asked if there’s something we should know about him, she said he was “lovely.” And, overall, she did enjoy the show for one reason. “#BachelorInParadise didn’t go the way I hoped, but the one love it brought into my life is @CarolineLunny, and therefore it was worth it. ❤️” she tweeted, explaining that they didn’t get close on Bachelor, but really got to know each other on BIP. Our minds are officially blown!