Gotta love the sass! Bachelor alum Sean Lowe clapped back at a fan who inquired about his wedding band on an Instagram post featuring his and wife Catherine Giudici‘s son Samuel on March 19. Needless to say, our favorite Bachelor Nation folks really do know how to give an epic serve.

“The gyms are all closed so I’m getting my workout by carrying this dumbbell around the neighborhood,” the 36-year-old captioned a cute photo of himself with his young boy, 2, sitting on his shoulders with a smile. Despite the sheer adorableness of the photo, one follower decided to focus on another aspect of the pic.

“[Where’s your] wedding band bro?” the user questioned, to which Sean snarkily replied, “Catherine and I had a good run but it’s over now. Thought I’d tell you, person I don’t know from IG, first.”

LOL! Aside from that exchange, the rest of the replies from fans and followers were totally sweet. “Where can we find such a cute dumbbell? Asking for a friend,” one user wrote, while another asked, “Is he possibly as sweet as he looks?” A third fan gushed, “This is the content we need right now!”


It’s no surprise that these reality TV alums love being married — and being parents. Sean and Catherine, 33, sat down with Life & Style exclusively to talk about how they differ as parents in February 2019. “Disciplinarian, that’s for sure,” the Seattle native said about her parenting style. “She lays the law down,” Sean agreed.

As for his approach? He defaults to comedy with their kids, Samuel, Isaiah and Mia. “That’s my great joy in life, making my babies laugh,” he gushed. But when it comes to changing diapers, the Texas native isn’t as keen to jump in. “I tell him to do it,” Catherine said of the necessary practice. “We both do a good job of doing it,” he protested.  His wife reasoned, “Yeah, but he’s never said ‘no’ to me.”

“Yeah, but a lot of times I act like I don’t smell it when I know it’s there,” the blonde hunk admitted. “In hopes that you’ll smell it and change it.” Well, that’s a confession if we ever heard one!

At the end of the day, it’s clear their relationship and family are everything to the happy couple. “We love those dudes,” Catherine gushed about their children — and we know she meant it.