Setting the record straight. Bachelorette alum James Taylor responded to a viral TikTok video claiming he previously cheated on an ex-girlfriend on his Instagram Stories on June 28.

“If you saw that TikTok saying I cheated on a girl [two] girlfriends ago … almost a year ago and she conveniently puts it out right before my season replays … just know I don’t think she’s lying on purpose,” he wrote. “But she’s mistaken and I did NOT have a [girlfriend] then! Me and Elle broke up last April. Didn’t have a [girlfriend] from then until [four] months ago. I was in Nashville June or July. So yeah … we’re all good. Carry on and love y’all.”


In a second post, the reality star added he felt the timing of the TikTok was funny because a condensed version of JoJo Fletcher‘s season — which he appeared on — would be airing on June 29. “Side note…that was a YEAR ago,” he wrote. “Funny who comes out of the woodwork when your music starts taking off and your season of the Bachelor [sic] is only [two] days away from replaying.”

TikTok user @lebbyhan caught the attention of Bachelor Nation fans on June 27 when she uploaded a video claiming someone “very well-known in the Bachelor/Bachelorette community for being sweet, kind and genuine” allegedly slid into her DMs with the intentions of flirting and potentially hanging out despite being in a relationship.

She played the “Put a finger down if …” game in the clip, telling a story about an unnamed contestant who contacted her on both on Instagram and Snapchat trying to hang out. In her version of the events, this man was a patron at the bar she worked at the next day — along with his girlfriend — and he pretended he didn’t know her.

Despite the fact that the TikTok user, whose first name is Hannah, didn’t reveal the man’s identity, fans still speculated the post was about James. Hannah said she also plans to post a “crazy” second video where she reveals the Bachelor Nation boy’s identity — if the video garners enough attention. With over 50,000 views, fans may just get that second clip.

James appeared on season 12 of The Bachelorette and was eliminated in week 7 after trying his hand at winning JoJo’s heart. She and contestant Jordan Rogers got engaged during the finale of her season and are still going strong.